• 1932 - Start up

    Durmuş Kasapoğlu, son of Oğuzlar Village imam, starts his own trade business. He starts selling the bed sheets produced in hand looms in his own home and in Babadağ in various cities in Anatolia.

  • 1954 - Steps of industrialization

    Durmuş Kasapoğlu becomes a partner and board member of 80 partnered Weaving Industries established in Babadağ.

  • 1957 - Foundation of the family company

    Durmuş Kasapoğlu establishes Kanaat Collective Co. with his sons Ali İhsan and Yılmaz after retiring from the partnership of Weaving Industries.

  • 1960 - From Babadağ to Turkey

    The family moves the company to Denizli in order to improve their business. They start wholesale of the products manufactured in the region, besides their retail business in a 28 m2 shop.

  • 1968 - Hasan Kasapoğlu gets a start in business

    After completing his education, Hasan Kasapoğlu starts working in the family enterprise.

  • 1974 - From Turkey to the World

    The family realizes its first export to Germany with shirts made of gauze.

  • 1978 - Partnership in Denteks

    The family becomes one of the partners of Denteks. Elder brother Ali İhsan Kasapoğlu represents the family in the board of Denteks. Yılmaz and Hasan Kasapoğlu leave their brother and decide to continue their life in trade together.

  • 1986 - Growth goes on

    Dost Textile is established. The main activity of the company is the manufacturing and export of towels and bathrobes. After the success of first experiments, main production starts in 1989 at Denizli Organized Industrial Zone in a 20.000 m2 area.

  • 1995 - Finally, Aslı Textile is established

    After the company which invests in textile dyeing and finishing starts production, Hasan Kasapoğlu leaves his elder brother Yılmaz Kasapoğlu, establishes and starts managing Aslı Textile.

    The initial capacity of Aslı Textile was 10 tons per day.

  • 2003 - Machinery park is enhanced

    A new line for braid dyeing is established.

  • 2005 - Pride and joy

    Hasan Kasapoğlu becomes a tax champion in Denizli.

  • 2007 - Investment in new fields

    A green ground investment is decided and the company starts producing tomatoes in a 250 decare land at Bergama. In the following years the company undertakes new investments in production of olives, walnuts and breeding industries and the trade volume of the company grows.

  • 2008 - Leadership in digital printing

    The company invests in inkjet printing as a new field of activity.

  • 2009 - Investment goes on

    Hasan Kasapoğlu becomes a partner o GAT Energy, which is established to meet the vapour need at Denizli Organized Industry Zone with its 50 tons per hour capacity.

  • 2011 - Support for Culture and Arts

    Hasan Kasapoğlu Culture Centre is established in the campus of Pamukkale University. The centre is used as State Theatre as well.

  • 2012 - Growth goes on

    The company invests in a new facility on a 15.000 m2 area and starts knitted fabric in order to enhance business volume and reach new markets. Inkjet printing preparation and final processes are also done at the same facility.

  • 2015 - Today...

    Aslı Textile is one of the leading companies in the Aegean Region with its 800 tons per month dyeing, 200 km per month inkjet printing and 150 tons per month fabric sales capacity.


  • Knitting

    We have a capacity to produce knitted fabrics in various pus and fines of 20 different quality levels each month with our 20 interlock, supreme and three yarns knitting machines.

  • Dyeing

    We have a 30 ton per day capacity in jet and pad batch dyeing with our machinery working with automatic dosing systems. Our machine park consists of various machines with capacities changing from 25 kg to 1000 kg.

  • Dressing

    The machine park consists of 2 open width sanforizing machines with 4 ram and 2 chains, 2 tube sanforizing machines, 1 carbon brush and 2 raising machines.

    All the fabrics processed pass the quality control process and automatically packed.

  • Printing

    The machine park consists of 2 Reggiani and 2 MS inkjet printing machines. The total capacity is 200.000 m per month with total 64 inkjet heads.

Integrated Policy
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001



Linen Jersey

Blend: % 100 Linen

Specifications: 145 gsm - 150 cm

Process: Digital Printing


Linen Jersey

Blend: % 100 Linen

Specifications: 145 gsm - 150 cm

Process: Digital Printing


Linen Jersey

Blend: % 100 Linen

Specifications: 145 gsm - 150 cm

Process: Digital Printing


Linen Jersey

Blend: % 100 Linen

Specifications: 145 gsm - 150 cm

Process: Digital Printing


Ottoman Stripes

Blend: 60/35/5 PES/VI/EA

Specifications: 240 gsm - 190 cm

Process: Stripes


Ottoman Double Face

Blend: 68/27/5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 260 gsm - 190 cm

Process: Jet Dye + Brush


Piquet Melange

Blend: 70/30 CO/PES

Specifications: 185 gsm - 230 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Heavy Soft Piquet

Blend: 92/8 VI/PES

Specifications: 310 gsm - 210 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Double Face Stretch

Blend: 74/18/8 VI/PES/EA

Specifications: 240 gsm - 165 cm

Process: Double Dye


Piquet Slub

Blend: %100 PAMUK

Specifications: 160 gsm - 175 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Brushed Fleece

Blend: 83/17 CO/PES

Specifications: 280 gsm - 190 cm

Process: Single Dye


Maglia Jeans

Blend: 55/36/9 VI/PES/EA

Specifications: 225 gsm - 155 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Crazy Stripes

Blend: 73/22/5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 265 gsm - 160 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Punto Stripes

Blend: 59/36/5 PES/VI/EA

Specifications: 320 gsm - 170 cm

Process: Stripes


Tiny Stripes - Heavy

Blend: 70/25//5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 290 gsm - 160 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Ottoman Light

Blend: 68/27/5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 215 gsm - 165 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Crazy Tiny Stripes

Blend: 73/22/5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 265 gsm - 160 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Magic Denim Look

Blend: 73/22/5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 265 gsm - 160 cm

Process: Jet Dye


2x2 Tubular Stretch Ribs

Blend: 97/3 CO/EA

Specifications: 250 gsm - 50 cm (T)

Process: Jet Dye


Felpa Melange

Blend: 67/33 CO/PES

Specifications: 290 gsm - 180 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Herringbone - 8

Blend: 75/20/5 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 265 gsm - 160 cm

Process: Jet Dye


Double Face Futter

Blend: 75/22/3 CO/PES/EA

Specifications: 240 gsm - 180 cm

Process: Double Dye


Denizli Hasan Kasapoğlu Culture Centre

Hasan Kasapoğlu, founder of Aslı Textile, has undertaken “Denizli Hasan Kasapoğlu Culture Centre” project in order to change and improve the social life of Denizli. The centre is located at Pamukkale University Campus and hosts the State Theatre and allows room for theatre, concert, opera, musical and dance shows with its 550 seat capacity. It is the first in Denizli and one of the best centres in Turkey thanks to the world class acoustical, electronical, and mechanical and stage technologies.

Durmuş Kasapoğlu Foundation

Durmuş Kasapoğlu Foundation is established in 2002 by Ali İhsan Kasapoğlu. The Foundation has built Hatice Kasapoğlu Boy’s Dormitory where it meets all educational needs of students besides nutrition and accommodation.